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Barreiro Mar

Real Estate TRain station Barreiro- Mar Barreiro, Portugal 2018
The project

Lodging and services | Gonçalo Queirós Carvalho Arquitecto

The Barreiro Railway Station, originally known as the South and Southeastern Railroad Station, and also called Barreiro-Mar, was a railway infrastructure, which served as an interface between the various rail services south of the Tagus River with transport fluvial to Lisbon.
This new project aims to eliminate the distance between Lisbon and Barreiro by mobilizing and attracting the public. Taking the boat will mean the beginning of a new way of living the city – with a fun and unexpected schedule that will make the 20 minutes of the trip a moment of leisure and relaxation. In this way, it is proposed a diversity of activities that may include the exhibition of short films, small concerts, among others.
In this way, the intention is to preserve and enhance the origins of the space taking into account that the genesis of the intervention will have as its origin the initial purpose of the space.
We believe that this is one of the most successful building blocks in a requalification project that involves an intervention that respects its primary function, with the necessary adaptations to current uses.
With a new dynamic of use and infrastructures and the creation of empathy with the new project, everyone will have the opportunity to rediscover the basis of one of the most important pieces of history in Barreiro.
Welcoming a new Barreiro, Barreiro-Mar will be on the Tagus line, at the gateway between the city and the world. A unique visit card for a more modern, more dynamic, different Barreiro, with more power to attract audiences and at the same time with a new space designed for everyone.
The installation of a fresh and innovative project, turned in and out, will create the essential buzz to bring people with people, companies with companies, ideas with ideas.
In this way, Barreiro-Mar will become a reference for attracting other projects, other people, other investments that will change the image of the municipality.
A business model that does not end in a first year of curiosity but that ensures the longevity of the project.
Part of the Barreiro-Mar infrastructures are designed taking into account the novelty and difference but above all in view of the needs of those who live, visit, work or will live, visit and work at Barreiro.
In the program developed, the dynamics of Barreiro-Mar unmistakably pass through the accommodation, work space, meeting point and place of events.
The creation of a Barreiro with personality and charisma that presents, in an alternative space, a set of services that will captivate various audiences and communities.