Mainside, talking buildings.

Buildings, like people, have a life. But unlike people, buildings can live almost forever. After being born, living and being lived, they can find a new life. A new truth, hidden by the possibilities and eloquence of time.

We are careful with what buildings feel. We believe in the foundations of their stories, in the architecture of their emotions, in the dreams kept by the walls that heard them.

We knock on the door of their will to listen to everything they have to say. What each of them has planned for us. We know how to see what they were, we listen to what they say, and we give them a new sense of the future, in line with their past. At the foundation of their soul, each building is reborn free and different.

We give them a new life and a new voice. We talk to buildings and they speak for us, and they tell the world the passion we feel for what we do. For them, for the cities and through them for the people.






Works in development