Alecrim 19

Real Estate Rua do Alecrim 19 Lisbon, Portugal 2009
The project

Lodging | Gonçalo Queirós Carvalho Arquitecto

The building that houses “Pensão Amor”.
The name pays homage to the building’s history and the old daily life of Cais do Sodré.
The recovery project integrated and enhanced the neighborhood’s memories, stories and experiences.
After the opening in 2011, in which work studios, a restaurant / cabaret, a lingerie store, an erotic bookstore and even a man room for events and shows were distributed over the various floors, the building now undergoes a total refurbishment to house an accommodation project with themed rooms and suites. Finally, you will be able to sleep at Pensão Amor. The bar will remain, renovated and with the same universe of burlesque and cabaret atmosphere.
For the remodeling of the building, now also for the purpose of accommodation, the existing roof was redesigned with the alignment to the block as a whole and the full maintenance of all references of existing façade heights. New openings were created that give access to new corridors that connect to the different divisions of the property and the maintenance of all structural interior walls was carried out with the careful demolition of some interior partitions.
The architectural and structural reference elements were preserved, such as front walls, floors with wooden frameworks, stonework or panels of painted ceramic tiles.
floor plan
Call room
World pearls
Lisbon fantasies
Secret rooms
Cocktail Bar
Cocktail bar