S. Paulo 20

Real Estate Rua de São Paulo 20 Lisbon, Portugal 2010
The project

Lodging | Gonçalo Queirós Carvalho Arquitecto

A project that respects the original constructive methodology of the building, with the extension of the area, prepared to receive a project for urban accommodation of apartments and suites on the main street of Cais do Sodré and also a bold social area with bar and restaurant.
The recovery intervention presupposed the use of several existing elements in order to integrate them in the final work, with the maintenance of the constructive and architectural aspects and techniques that make up the building. The roof with a new mansard floor has been redesigned.
The project sought to protect the building’s existing exterior image, with the enlargement only appearing on the sides of the building. This intervention took place on a lower level, having less impact on an urban reading. The construction of the necessary interior partitions was made using light solutions for the least possible overload on the existing structure and at the level of exterior finishes, solutions were sought that were compatible with those present in other nearby buildings.
Double room
Apartment with balcony