Work in progress

ZERO Box Lodge Lisboa Oriente

Accommodation Avenida Infante D. Henrique, 334 Lisbon, Portugal
The project

ZERO BOX LODGE . 32 boxes

The ZERO Box Lodge concept will also be available in the east of Lisbon, overlooking Parque das Nações and the Tagus river.
The installation of this accommodation unit, in which the accommodation experience differs from the usual standards developed in the hotel industry – inspired by Japanese capsules but adapted to a Western concept, is aimed at customers looking for creative and practical accommodation. The inspiration comes from Eastern Japanese models called ‘capsule hotels’ adapted to a Western context. The capsules have evolved into larger spaces, with a built-in bathroom, a room with space for two people, guaranteeing comfort and privacy. As in Japanese models, spaces are stripped of amenities and the main objective is resting, at any time of the day.
A total of 33 ZERO capsules will be distributed in three different types: rooms / capsule that enjoy a private and individualized patio; rooms / capsules that take special advantage of the central space of a greenhouse for which they open, and rooms / capsules that stand out for their location on the top floor and the existence of a private patio of 8m2 that is added to the space of the room, where you take advantage of the relationship with the outside through a balcony to contemplate the landscape and the greenhouse garden.
The connection of the common leisure spaces, provided for this equipment, is made at the first floor where breakfast is available and the space has a direct connection to an outdoor garden area with a terrace.
floor plan