Work in progress

Infante D. Henrique

Accommodation Avenida Infante D. Henrique, 334 Lisbon, Portugal
The project
ZERO HOTELS . 76 rooms
In the eastern part of the city, marked by industrial construction, with privileged accesses and a close relationship with river, will born a hotel with 76 rooms in an old factory with 7 floors in reinforced concrete.
The building is a barrier-building, a transitional element between the city (and the frenetic Avenida Infante D. Henrique) and the calm and panoramic world inside. This characteristic is reflected in the differentiating architectural strategy of the façades. Its orientation also allows to enjoy privileged views of the city and river, contributing to the enrichment of the visual, sensory and spatial experience of the guests.
The large nave and its basement will give rise to social spaces, namely, living room, restaurant, bar, swimming pool and spa.
ground floor
room floor