War / Work – Tiago Baptista

Art Rua Vitor Cordon, 27 Lisbon, Portugal 2007
Urban artistic intervention is one of the signatures of Mainside’s projects.
The company’s DNA aims to alleviate the difficulty for art to express itself beyond its intimate circles and specific contexts.
Thus, the emergence of public art aims to generate events with primacy in public spaces, generating a potential intervention from the part of citizens. These site specific interventions, adapted to the place and its characteristics, play an aesthetic role in the urban context.
 Tiago Baptista’s WAR / WORK set out to fulfill this aesthetic function, adding meaning to it.
The camouflage covering the work at 27 Victor Cordon building, alluded to the war that is going on uninterruptedly in some part of the globe, far from us, but always present in our daily lives, invading our homes and bombarding us through the media.
The building thus seemed hidden from the world, causing strangeness to those who passed through it, but the sounds that came through the camouflage piqued the curiosity about the work that was carried out on the “other side”.
With this art building intervention, the question of the real distance at which we are from all the events unfolding on the “other side” remained in the air, stimulating the awareness of our own involvement with these events.
war work
war work