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ZERO Box Lodge Lisboa

Accommodation Avenida Almirante Reis Lisbon, Portugal
The project

ZERO BOX LODGE . 52 boxes 

The ZERO continues heading south and settles on the fourth floor in the Nossa Senhora do Desterro monastery.
The history of this monastery begins in 1591 with the construction by the Cistercian Order of a large monastery, motivated by the intention of D. Filipe II, king of Spain and Portugal to transform Lisbon into the capital of the entire empire.
After the 1755 earthquake, it maintained its functions of accommodation to house monks who traveled to Lisbon and also as a temporary hospital.
With the extinction of religious orders, it was officially transformed into a hospital.
For the first time, ZERO lives within another project. The inspiration for the ZERO accommodation concept comes from Eastern Japanese models called ‘capsule hotels’ adapted to a Western context. The capsules have evolved into larger spaces, with a built-in bathroom, room with space for two people, guaranteeing comfort and privacy. As in Japanese models, spaces are stripped of amenities and the main objective is really rest, at the pace of each one.
This new accommodation format is installed at Desterro, with 54 capsules, as part of a larger and global project with catering, bar, archeology, production center, club, events, a new experience of living in a monastery.
The zero year begins after five centuries of history.
sleeping box
bathing box