Pensão Amor – Madam’s Lodge

Accommodation Rua do Alecrim, 19 Lisbon, Portugal 2023


Pensão Amor, located in Lisbon, opens the doors of a new and bold experience: Madam’s Lodge. An opportunity to inhabit the rooms that belonged to the former harlots and unveil their life stories, which will make Pink Street blush even more.
Last century, sailors from all over the world disembarked at Cais do Sodré thirsty for fun. Here abounded bars with names of European capitals and harlots ready to love by the hour. It was the bohemian center of the city where bourgeois, writers, Fado singers, spies and prostitutes shared passions. After a period of decay and abandonment, Cais do Sodré is reborn with the opening of PA, in 2011.
It quickly became an icon of a modern Lisbon, opened to the world but proud of its identity. After a deep renovation, completed in 2022, Pensão Amor rose even more and in the mid-2023 opens it’s doors to a journey back in time: Madam’s Lodge. A unique experience that invites to inhabit the former harlots’ rooms and unveil the never revealed secrets of this old brothel.
In every corner, unusual personal objects, surprising documents of the day-to-day business, mysterious messages and many surprises reveal the way of life of this old brothel in the 60s, at a time when harlots, known as “the enrolled”, could legally practice the oldest profession in the world. However, on the horizon was already Salazar’s threat to end prostitution in Portugal, which would happen in 1963.
Secret rooms
World pearls
Madams treasures
Call room
Lisbon fantasies
Special corners